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Thursday, October 4, 2012

We're Simply The Best!

Los Angeles has a newspaper of record;  it is the venerable Los Angeles Times.  But almost as well known, and probably more wide read by locals, is the LA Weekly.

It was first published in 1978 as an underground weekly by a bunch of good ole radicals (young actor Micheal Douglas being a board member).  Every large city has an alternative newspaper and the LA Weekly is ours.

This was the cover of the Weekly when I first visited LA in Apr. '86

Now as we all know, 'alternative' has a way of becoming 'hip', and 'hip' has a way of becoming 'marketable', and 'marketable' has a way of going 'corporate takeover'.  Such has been the path of the Weekly.  Indie for years is was bought by New Times Media who then renamed themselves Village Voice Media and, as of a couple of weeks ago was bought by Voice Media Group.

I will say that even though they sold they never have (entirely) 'sold out'.  They still raise hell and print some edgy investigative stuff.  When I started this post, I googled "LA Weekly history" and, as if to prove to me that they haven't let go of their smart-assedness, one of the first links was to a piece in the paper titled, "A Brief History Of The Blowjob In Pop Music".  Nice.

The Weekly's most read, most saved issue is an annual L.A. institution:  LA Weekly Best Of issue and the 2012 addition is out:

Now just take a guess who's been named "The Best Hollywood Walking Tour".  Go on, guess.  Give up?  Well then just click Here to find out.....

Woohoo!  Wheeee!!  Yippee!!!


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It's so true: when you love what you do, it shows, and work is FUN!

"...that wonderful, wonderful cat!"

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Huzzah! And congrats!!

By the way, if I remember Michael Douglas as a young actor, does that mean I'm old?

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Congratulations! All hail, Felix!

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