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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thish Isz Schpectacular!

I think.

Judy and Liza at the London Palladium?   Not so fast buster:

L.A. Daily News - 1973

Los Angeles - A most memorable and fascinating bit of show business took place late last week at the Las Vegas Flamingo Hotel when Liza Minnelli did a complete show with impressionist Jim Bailey, with the latter as Liza’s late, great momma, Judy Garland. Liza and Jim conducted secret rehearsals all day Saturday, but somehow the word leaked out about the performance and a turnaway crowd showed up that night.
     Jim as Judy (complete with wardrobe, makeup, wigs, etc.) introduced the Riviera Hotel star with a few lines from the song “Lisa.” She joined Jim on stage for a rousing medley of oldies that included “Hooray For Love,” “After You’ve Gone,” “By Myself Alone,” “S’Wonderful” and bowing with a rip-roaring version of “Swanee.” Jim and Liza bowed with “San Francisco.”
As Jim shed the Garland costume backstage, Liza wowed the audience with a selection of tunes. “If you believe in angels,” she said while reintroducing Jim, This time as himself, “you realize that angels gave this man a wonderful talent, which he uses very tastefully.” The real Jim Bailey and Liza then proceeded to wrap up an already captivated audience by dueting on “The More I See You” and “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love.”

     It was a night to remember for Judy Garland fans, and there are many of them among the Las Vegas Showfollk. At one point, Liza referred to Jim as “Mom,” and the audience accepted it without a snicker or a gasp.

     Jim will bring his highly polished Judy Garland act to the Academy Theatre in North Hollywood for an encore performance on February 19th at 5 and 8 p.m.

Monday, November 19, 2012

You've Got A Lovely Week For It!

Dateline:  Los Angeles, Thanksgiving Week

I just checked the weather.  Mid 70s to low 80s all week and through the weekend.

Are you visiting here?  Do you live here and have friends or relatives in for the holiday?  Or are you having a life-as-usual week and looking for a little something to brighten it up?  Well then this is probably the ideal week to find out exactly what "The Best Hollywood Walking Tour" is all about!

It's brainy, it's funny, it's fascinating and there's not a cheesy tourist-trap on the whole darn thing.  I will be closed on Thanksgiving day because even a researcher likes a little cranberry sauce but, other than that - tours, tours, tours!

So why not join Fred, Rita, Van, Me and all the other spirits that we'll awaken from the legendary days of Film, Radio, TV and Records for a walk.  You could use a walk in the fresh air with all you'll be eating this week anyhow.

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Army Sure Changes A Fella...

Take Elvis for instance.  He entered the Army as a mere boy, but he came back as.................

G.I. Blues soundtrack rehearsal


**Dig the fedora and Gucci loafers.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Dodged Bullets In Hollywood History!

And there's rumblings of Warners wanting to remake Casablanca. W.T.F.

*update- okay I stand corrected.  Apparently it's a sequel that they want to do.  Like that makes it any better.

My thanks to Robert Howe for bringing my attention to this memo.