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Friday, June 14, 2013

Are The Stars Out Tonight?

The above is the title to a book that I'm very proud to own about the late, great Ambassador Hotel.

I'm going to keep the text here brief.  Not only because many of us already know much about the Ambassador (and if you don't there are many places to find out) but also because losing this place to the wrecking ball was one of the darkest episodes in the already bleak history of "Developer Madness" that is such a hallmark of Los Angeles. 

So here's what I'm going to do:  I'm gonna show you some mouthwatering pictures of what we lost, and then I'm going to close the post by directing you to a Kickstarter Campaign page that will enable the amazing  Camilo Silva to finish his documentary, "After 68".  Please, if you are able, kick some coin his way.  This is terribly important and may just help a turnaround in the consciousness of this city and others to realize that preservation is ultimately a good business move.

Okay, here's your pics:


Wulitzer Organ Showroom, late 20s

I'm having a French Room put in at my place

The Field And Turf Club, 1930s

Poolside Merry Making

The fabulous Coconut Grove
The KickStarter page.

The After 68 facebook page.

And if you didn't look on the link above, maybe this short teaser will help to
change your mind.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Every Picture Tells A Story.

Pregnant with Desi Jr. and celebrating her 12th wedding anniversary at a restaurant in Palm Springs.....

....Lucy watches Desi watching the waitress.