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Friday, June 4, 2010

I Don't Believe You've Met The Family.

The cousins come for a visit

Gram's Book Club Meeting

Tuesday Afternoon

Mom's special  Bicentennial  celebration

It all started when we got that new fridge with the damn automatic ice maker.  In Harvest Gold!


jason said...


Now I see why we had to use those old damned aluminum ice trays that pinched your fingers when you tried to open them.
There's no way we could have handled all that excitement that came from an automatic icemaker.

normadesmond said...

remember that mini series, "the dark secret of harvest (gold) home"? how'd you get your hands on the story boards?

Stephen said...

Ice makes you & your family go crazy?

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Mom has a lot more time to "lay" on her back and open up her legs since the labor of making all those ice cubes have been automated. And just where did your Cousin Bobby Lee get those fabulous patterned Sansabelt polyester pants? From Aunt Dessie's closet?

MJ said...

The mind boggles at what would have transpired had they chosen Avocado Green.

Donna Lethal said...

After your cousin and I played "Spin the Southern Comfort" in the garage, my life was never the same ...

Janey - we HAD the avocado green appliances.

Dusty said...