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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Felix Reaches Into His Bag Of Tricks...

Dearest friends - I've been hinting and suggesting, and suggesting and hinting that I would soon have an announcement to make;  well here it is.


I am launching my own guided tour company!

Get off the bus and take a walk with me!

"...In A Place Called Hollywood:  a stroll through the first 100 years of Tinseltown."

I have designed and scripted a fascinating exploration of the 7 block stretch in Hollywood where it all began.  We'll talk about how Hollywood (the town) happened and why Hollywood (the business) happened here.  We'll discover the origins of 4 major film companies, 3 radio networks, 3 television networks, 3 record companies, and 2 world class recording studios with a list of hit records to their credit that will knock you off your feet.  There are tons of stories, anecdotes, facts, gossip and fun!  I've also compiled a wonderful book of photographs to show you what it all looked like.

Following My Bliss
This is a topic that I love, and have researched and studied, literally for years, and I'm a born story teller.  That combined with the fact that I will walk to work, and walk for work make this a rather perfect thing.  I've given this tour about a dozen times now to a broad range of people from Old Hollywood Geeks like us, to people who think that Hollywood means TMZ and the latest reality star, and everyone has loved it.

What It Is And How To Play
Tours will begin on September 24th and presently will be offered twice daily at 1pm and 4pm.  They are available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  More times and more days will be added as they become necessary.  All of the tours will be intimate (generally 6 to 8 people), and they will last about an hour and 45 minutes.  There are lots of great restaurants on the tour route so if you want a drink or a bite to eat before or after the tour, there's no need to go any further.  Make an afternoon of it.  It is a 1 mile walking tour, so throw on some sunscreen, some comfortable (yet stylish) shoes, grab a camera, and let's go!

**Here's a Thought**  Get a group together and combine  the tour with a meal at one of the local restaurants for a great Birthday Event!

The cost of the tour is $30, but for a grand opening special, let's knock off $5 and make it $25. I'll make that price good till the end of Thanksgiving weekend (Nov. 28).

Visit the website

By Now You're Probably Thinking, "What A Terrific Idea, How Can I Help?"
Well kiddies I'll tell ya.  The success and growth of this company necessitates that I become a publicity whore.  So if you want to blog about it, or Facebook about it, or Tweet about it, you'd be doin' me a solid.  If you know anyone from an L.A. hotel concierge; let them know.  If you know any body in newspapers, magazines, radio or
TV (!!Jackpot!!), have them email me.  I am open to all media requests.

Needless to say, in addition to the regular content that you've come to expect, this blog will be faithfully reporting on progress of things.  You guys are the best, thank you.

Now here's a little music for ya!
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Donna Lethal said...

This is SO EXCITING! I'm nearly jumping out of my chair, but the heaviness of my updo is holding me in.

TJB said...

Darling, this is wonderful news. I shall shout you out on SSUWAT.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...


I give walking tours for Columbus Landmarks Foundation as of their education committee duties and these types of tours are always in style.

I would also suggest that you might want to market this to LA Convention and Visitors Bureau, for Corporate referrals. Here's why. Businesses are always trying to find "fun" workplace events for visiting associates. ANd it is amazing how little some of this corporations know about the communities that they are in.

I would also go and stroke the egos of the concierge's at some of the CONVENTION hotels. Beceuase their spouses who get left behind while the hubby or wifey are on the floor grabbing for geegaws and smoozing with "product partners". So these hotles are always looking for things that people can do for a couple hours.

And, when you get up to speed, start offering neighborhood pub crawls. Those ALWAYS fill up, and fast. People will pay HUGE amounts of money to get dragged into three or four historic bars, where they will pay more cash for specially arranged signature drinks.

This is so FABULOUS! And its so you.

normadesmond said...

what a coincidence, just like donna i am so excited i'm jumping out of my chair, but my hair-do is holding me down too!

my connections in LA are meager, but i will do the best i can. this feels quite good to me, brilliant idea! YES!

Barbara said...

Damn! Why do all these cool things happen AFTER I leave L.A.??

I'll be back some day!


Anonymous said...


Felix - Where were you when I needed you?! I was in LA October last year and yours is the tour I wanted to do.

Maybe this means I need to plan another trip....


All the best,

mrpeenee said...

This is brilliant, a business you can control and that won't control you. I'll contact my counterpart in LA and see who he knows as a business writer there.

jason said...

Oh wow!!! This sounds perfect!
Does one say "break a leg" being it's showbiz and all?

Wish I were there.

MJ said...

Having used a lighter hairspray than both Donna and Norma, I am able to leap out of my chair with glee at the news.

kabuki zero said...

A perfect use of your talents. Why you've been telling stories about kabuki for Years. I shall be first in line on my second day in Hollywood. (on my first day I'll be buying you presents!) kabuki

Poseidon3 said...

I think there is NOTHING more wonderful than a person being able to work on something they enjoy. This is great! Best, BEST wishes to you and hope it is a huge success.

Dean said...

Awesome! I wish I was there to take the tour!
I have several friends in LA and will spread the news to them as well as via Facebook.

Good luck and congrats!

FelixInHollywood said...

Oh man you guys are swell. Thank you every one. Already sold tickets!

normadesmond said...


savannah said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! cool cookie is right re the CVB and hotels. for the hotels & CVB you will need some slick marketing material - they use what they can see. i wish you well, hon! xoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Way to go!!! So excited for you! I will definitely be there, and I'll bring friends too! Hoorah!

VP81955 said...

Hope things went well on the first go-round. Continued success.