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Thursday, June 2, 2011

You Say You Want A Revolution, Well You Know....

It's a good thing I was raised to root for the underdog.  When I started my tour company a few months back I had no idea how much of an underdog I was to become, and how much rooting would be required for both me and my fellow underdogs.

There was an article several weeks ago in the L.A. Times announcing that the largest tour bus sightseeing company in town and an enormous, successful gossip website/tv show organization were teaming up to offer some sort of stalker/paparazzi tour.


I was interviewed for the article (which I was told was going to be about various new tours opening in the area).  The published article however, mentioned only them and me.  I was given two sentences and framed as sort of the 'don't-bother David' with the rest of the article focused on there 'OMG-how-fab Goliath'.  When I read this, I remember thinking, "how am I ever supposed to compete with the massive, corporate driven, publicity machine of these people!"

What I offer is as opposite to them as a game of  marbles is to Grand Theft Auto but nonetheless, we are both competing for the same sightseeing tourism audience.

Turns out the article shook more than just me up!  In short order a call to arms went out (arms of loving support) and the result is:

For a good time, click!

7 Days In LA is a brand new website/calendar offering 14 different independent tour operators that can give you a variety of was to explore Los Angeles!  We are all, in our different ways, 'Artisans of the Tour'.  I'm just crazy about my fellows in this endeavor and would recommend any of the tours they do.  What's your interest:  Hollywood History, Architecture, True Crime Stories, Gay History, Film Locations, Grave Yards?  We got 'em and more! Each company has a bio page and there is an updating calendar of tours being offered.  Just find something you want and from there you can go to the individual company's website for contact info and ticket purchases.

One day after launching we've been garnering quite a bit of notice already but my favorite is crime novelist Christa Faust tweeted this to 1700 followers:

"Think L.A. is all fake tits and Ferraris? Think again. http://www.7daysinla.com/"

So, a revolution?  Perhaps not, but I'll be satisfied with a more level playing field!


Anne Block said...

Well said, Felix - I mean, Philip! I'm mighty proud to be a part of this merry band of Artisans Of The Tour. Thanks for your blog. Anne

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

You know I'm behind you and will do ANYTHING I can to help you. I am so sick of this papparzzi. What we need for you is an endorsement.

FelixInHollywood said...

@ Anne You know I'll answer to either. I'm glad your with us too! Check out Anne's "Take My Mother Please!" company on 7 Days In LA.

@ Stuart Right? Are you listening Turner Classic Movies?

Margaret said...

I saw that web/TV show ad yesterday, and immediately thought about your LA tour company, and thought, "Hmm...competition?" Here's my take. Theirs will focus on, "Where are our cameras today?", whereas your focus is on, "Where were the cameras when it mattered?"
Don' worry, Loosy! Competishin eez healthy, and sounds like you have plenny 'o' fwiends, en e way.

normadesmond said...

cream always floats to the surface.

mrpeenee said...

How very cool and congratulations on the marketing leg up. I'm sure you wouldn't want to be associated with the kind of people who'd go on that other tour, anyway.