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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

That Ballyhooey, Screwy Hollywood.

Debra Paget

Creative Artists Agency Co-Founder, Roland Perkins, discussing his days in the mail room at the William Morris Agency in 1959:

"Sometimes you'd hear things in the building that you couldn't believe.  Once, I walked into an agent's office to get something, and there was another agent with him.  They were talking about actress Debra Paget.  The first guy said, 'Oh, boy, what a dumb c*nt.'  The other guy said, 'Well, she's nice enough, but Jesus....'  Then the phone rang and the secretary said, 'It's Debra Paget.'  The first agent answered and said, 'Hi, honey, we were just talking about you.'  I thought, Okay, now I get what this is all about."


Barbara said...


normadesmond said...

what is it they say? doesn't matter what kind of a cunt they call you, just as long as they put your name in the sentence.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

The only thing worse then being called a dumb Cunt is not being called anything, at all.