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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Mystery Gets Revealed!

Sure 'nuff.....

Billie and Mister Holiday.

The 'direct-via-email' winner was the ever-spectacular Mistress MJ, who sent me a message with the answer mere minutes after the quiz was posted.

The 'guess-in -the-comments' winner is the lovely and demure Donna Lethal,  who mentioned a resemblance between Mister and her pooch Chester.  Now that she mentions it, I can see it.

For being the first answer MJ will receive, for her prize, on her next visit to Hollywood, a nice long walk.  Walking tour, that is.


Ask the Cool Cookie said...

I could have sworn it was Balzac...

Donna Lethal said...

Oh my goodness! I knew Lady Day had a big pittie-the only other famous pittie being Petey. (And Chester, of course.) Well, Cookie, you never know. Perhaps that's his nickname.

kabuki zero said...

you and your walking. madness, total unconstrained madness. and you know how rare madness is on the streets of historic hollywood.

MJ said...

Mistress MJ never forgets a face...an ANIMAL's face, that is.

I can meet someone new and the next day walk by that person on the street and not have a clue who they are.

But I never forget an animal and can name every cat and dog in my neighbourhood.

Note that I've never won a "Mystery Guest" contest on your blog or Norma's blog before because they always featured people rather than animals.

As well as her boxer dog "Mister," Billie also had chihuahuas.

I'm thrilled that I've won a walking tour with the marvelous Felix!!!

Thank you!

marksparky said...

Speaking of resemblances: Billie is looking spookily like Meshach Taylor from "Designing Women" in this photo.