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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Say What You Will About Her....

The Fairbanks, Jr. divorce 

The Tone divorce  

The Terry divorce

....Joan could always dress for a divorce.


Ask the Cool Cookie said...

And her hats got bigger with EACH divorce!

Jon said...

Stylish in sickness and in health, for richer and poorer... Jx

Anonymous said...

She looks genuinely sad in the Fairbanks-divorce photo, poor dear. You can tell by her expression that she was a toughened "divorce-vet" by the Terry divorce. Guess her greatest regret was that she couldn't divorce some of her adopted kids, lol.

Anonymous said...

ms. j was pure moviestar. and, I agree you can see the change in her demeanor. she appeared ready to cry when she divorced doug,jr.
her eyes expressed her feelings. however, didn't jr. find out about her romping in the bedroom with gable on catalina island?

Anonymous said...

ms. J is simply divine. pure moviestar. a true icon of the golden years. there is no one in current jhollywood who can compare to those legendary women of classic Hollywood. "they had faces then". those women had their own unique look, their own style, their own hairstyles, their eyebrows, their lips....women would try to emulate them. they were truly stars, great beauties. there aren't any now. they're so ordinary looking. I can't think of one beautiful female star. because there aren't any.