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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Cranberry!

Cranberry was William Haines' nickname for his lifelong friend Joan Crawford, and today is Joan's special day.  (I'm goin' with 105)

They can say what they want.  That bitter, money grubbing adopted orphan of  hers can write whatever she wants (I don't care how many anniversary editions she puts out), I ain't buyin' it.  Sure Joan was tough and at times could be prickly, and it's true that in later years she was a tad liquor addled, but over all, she was a swell dame and a damn fine actress.

This is my all time favorite picture of her.  Here I see a young woman who is beautiful, rich, talented and absolutely in love with her experience.

Raise your glasses people, it's Joan Crawfords Birthday!


MJ said...

Joan’s birthday?

I’ll drink to that!

it's true that in later years she was a tad liquor addled

Aren’t we all?

savannah said...



jason said...

I had a (diet) Pepsi, just for her.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Happy birthday Lucille LaSuer! (I still like that so much better that Joan Crawfish, I mean Joan Crawford.)

normadesmond said...

that is a great shot of her.

Rob said...

Amen! Thank you sir, for bringing the beautiful Miss C's Birthday to our attention. God bless her!

Davelandweb said...

What a great tribute - and a great shot of her!

kabuki zero said...

i never liked her. bette davis toldme she was a sea cow, and bette never lied. at least not to me.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Well, Mary Pickford told me all sorts of horror stories about her ex-daughter in law and how she made goo-goo eyes at Doug Sr. when she thought Mary wasn't looking. And that's not all; Mary said that she told Doug Jr. that she would never have children because it would get in the way of her career! And then that Joan woman called William Desmond Taylor a "rooster sucker", or something like that, and said that he got what was coming to him. AND I understand taht she puts rouge on her knees!

Honestly Celeste, have you ever heard of such things?

VP81955 said...

I'm not the world's biggest Joan Crawford fan -- primarily because the lady wasn't particularly adept at comedy -- but if Myrna Loy (someone I trust and respect) liked her, then she's okay. (And I concur, that is a sensational photo of her.)

P.S. Don't you wish you had a time machine to go back to 1925 to watch a young Joan and a teenage Carol(e) Lombard battle it out in dance contests at the Cocoanut Grove at the Ambassador? (I understand part of a wall from the Grove was kept in that new high school; perhaps Carole or Joan touched it at one time or another.)