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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Treasurer's Report

Title made with apologies to Robert Benchley.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the backyard sale went off without a hitch on Saturday!  The weather was sunny with a light breeze and the temperature topped out at 78 degrees.  Perfect.  All four participants were organized, merchandised and helpful to one another.  Music was provided by my Itunes on shuffle.  The shuffle feature never ceases to delight me with it's intelligence and humor.  Example:  at one point we were given, in rapid succession, Maria Callas, Nina Hagen, Lulu and Phoebe Snow!

The surprise guests were appearances were:

*The delicious George of the superior blog 1904-The Year Everything Important Happened
*The one, the only, Donna Lethal
*And the gorgeous Super Nana, daughter of Savannah

As long as I refrain from tallying the hours spent (prep, actual sale and wrap) to come up with an hourly wage, I am satisfied with what I made.  Considering I didn't have any 'big ticket' items, $200 isn't bad.

Besides it was fun, do you hear me, fun.


savannah said...

you are too adorable for words, sugar! and we BOTH love you, darlin! xoxoxox

normadesmond said...

mazel tov.

MJ said...

At my last yard sale I was told, "You have the best junk in town!"

I'm sure this applies to YOU as well.

jason said...

Well, if you'd have just opened the door at 5 am when I was out there knocking you'd have made at least $201.53.

Stephen said...

My Ipod on shuffle is as nutty as yours, right now (no censoring or cheating): David Bowie,Lyle Lovett, Thievery Corporation & Doris Day.

I wished I had known about the sale!