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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Um, Wow.

Last known photo of John and Paul together.  Mar '74, photo by May Pang

“It was during the Harry Nilsson [Pussy Cat]  sessions… All of a sudden I looked up and said, “Paul?” John turned around and said, “Oh, hello, Paul.” It was like they’d seen each other just the night before. John hadn’t seen him in a couple of years at that point. Then Paul’s heading to the drums; he just went to Ringo’s drum kit and started to jam. Stevie Wonder happened to drop by. Stevie’s on the electric piano, Linda’s on the Hammond B3… . Everybody was just hanging out and jamming.” 
-May Pang from her book, "Instamatic Karma"

The address of this happening was 625 Palisades Beach Road, Santa Monica, a house with a history of it's own.  Owned by Louis B. Mayer in the '30's, it was later purchased by Peter Lawford.  During the Kennedy administration it was nick-named "The Western White House" and was the stomping grounds of the Rat Pack and reportedly hosted the affair between Jack and Marilyn.


normadesmond said...

any house that had the above AND edith and irene should be classified a national treasure!

FelixInHollywood said...

Amen, sister!

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