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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How'd They Get Those Two Together!

Ella - Marilyn

Anna Magnani - Joan Crawford
Bette - Shirley

Rita Hayworth - Marlene Dietrich

Claudette Colbert - Alfred Hitchcock

Marilyn - Dietrich

Jayne Mansfield - Joan Collins

Mary Pickford - Female Impersonator Julian Eltinge

Vivien Leigh - Marilyn Monroe


Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Sweetie - Deitrich was with everyone at some time - biblically, or otherwise...

Clara said...

Loved this post, I had never seen any of the pictures before! My favorite is the one with Bette and Shirley, so adorable :)

mrpeenee said...

Hollywood makes for strange bedfellows. Just ask Shirley.

kabuki zero said...

truly glamorous people are magnetic. like those little plastic scottie-dog toys you could buy from the novelty machine at the Mt. Vernon drive inn.