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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why Didn't It Work

Liza Minnelli and fiancee Desi Arnaz, Jr.
Though the lived together for eighteen months and were engaged briefly during that time, the Minnelli/Arnaz union was not to be.

Some think it was the age difference.  When they got together she was 25 and he was nineteen.  The first time they met was when a 9 year old Liza walked in to Desi's bedroom (who was then 3) and announced, "Hi! I'm Liza."

Others think that Liza, spending so much time on the road doing concerts, ruined it.  The fact that on one of those concert dates in London she conducted a wild month long affair with Peter Sellers probably didn't help.

 The other conventional wisdom is that Desi was madly in love and desperately wanted the marriage but Liza was gun shy.

After finding the above picture, I've developed my own theory.  Having to sit through the premiere  of 1973's Lost Horizon is enough to kill any relationship!

Why do you think these two crazy kids couldn't make a go of it?

**note to self:  you can't put your hand that high up on a 19 year old's thigh with out them getting that far away look.


Ask the Cool Cookie said...

I'm sure that Lucy pulled him aside and said "Kid, I'm going to tell you something. That broad is TROUBLE. Now if you're smart, you'll scram. You're young - bimbos are a dime a dozen. This one will break your heart. She's all show and go. Now beat it. and find a career."

Barbara said...

Well, I was going to say what Cool Cookie did...Desi seemed to like the older girls...Patty Duke, Liza...

I saw Liza on that new Oprah backstage show...she is Judy reincarnated - and very messed up.

jason said...

His hair was prettier than hers.

Thombeau said...

He was straight.

FelixInHollywood said...


Ask the Cool Cookie said...


H A R R Y G O A Z said...

Incredible photographs!!! Thank you for sharing.

nulla tabella said...

Too young to be patient or have the ability to see in the long future as a couple. I am surprised that the guy wanted to marry her, because this age gup, still today, is considered, among common people, a gigantic difference with no hope and repair and still a shame for a woman, even if it's a few years practically. I feel sorry for her as for her personal life. She doesn't seem to have find her significant other in life. I have always admired her, she is an excellent artist.

Pantheon Zeus said...

Lucy thought Judy was the funniest person she ever met.
I read that she was delighted to merge 2 Hollywood families- but Liza was easily distracted. Lucy told Mike/Dinah/Dick ( I forget ) that " you can't tame Liza."

If the also-rans Lucie and Lorna were bonded by sibling's mariage - maybe the could've created the most grating cabaret duo ever?