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Friday, April 22, 2011

Now Girls, Just Stop It!

It starts out going along so beautifully...or so you think.

Joan Fontaine - Olivia de Havilland

Next thing you know, there are these....things.  Just little things, you know.  And you find yourself looking over your shoulder.

But you shrug it off.  You make excuses.  It's family after all, right?  You even try to make light of it....

"In a boulevard shop yesterday, I watched Olivia de Havilland select a swank pair of earrings which, she confirmed were destined for sister Joan Fontaine's Christmas tree.  The purchase completed, the clerk asked: "Anything else Miss de Havilland?"  "Nothing", replied Olivia reflectively, "execpt -- please be nice to Miss Fontaine when she comes in to exchange these."
--Jimmie Fidler's column Nov 30, 1940

Then one day you look at that pouty, sulking face for thousandth time....

And you snap!

And finally you realize:  She Loves This Game!


normadesmond said...

dontcha wish we could know
if they buried the hatchet?

Rob said...

Felix, I think you really captured the essence of their relationship here. All love to Ms. Fontaine but, reading between the lines of her book, she seems like the "instigator" of the feud.
And I LOVES me some Livvie!

kabuki zero said...

and in our case, 'the snap heard round the world'. we are so like the glam ladies, aren't we now? (especially you)

FelixInHollywood said...

@Rob Read a book on the Chateau Marmont years ago. The had interview former employees from back in the day. They were unanimous in there praises for de Havilland and their digs at Fontaine!