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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fancy Foot Work.

I had posted this on the facebook page but I wanted to show you guys too:

These are a pair of shoes used by Mae West in her nightclub act of the 50s. The combined platform and heel gave her an extra 9 1/2" (she was only 5 feet tall!) The shoes are from the Library collection of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I'm giving the tour to a group of FIDM students (makes me feel real smart!).


Ask the Cool Cookie said...

This is why she never walked very far in any films without a prop or a man to hang off of.

And can you imagine what building pairs of these today would cost?!?!?

kabuki zero said...

my shoes for the prom were very similar. now i know where flagg brothers got the idea

mistress maddie said...

I'm so glad you did share them, I think I need them, badly! And what a weapon they would make in addition!

normadesmond said...

and i just thought mae's feet had a top hump.

jason said...

that lady gaga bitch would eat her heart out for these :)