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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lunch Time!

Don Ameche, Peter Lorre and Sonja Heine at the Fox commissary

Gable at the MGM commissary

Basil Rathbone and Angela Lansbury at the Paramount commissary
Ida Lupino and Jeffrey Lynn at the Warner Bros. Commissary

Gene Reynolds at the MGM commissary
Fred MacMurray and Lana Turner at the Fox commissary

Nils Asther at the MGM commissary
Rita Hayworth and Robert Parrish at the Columbia commissary
Errol Flynn at the Warner Bros. commissary


normadesmond said...

now look what you've gone and done...i'm hungry!

paul said...

What a thrill it would have been to be invited for lunch at the commissary. The only problem would have been what to wear in order to match the style on display.

Thombeau said...

Basil Rathbone? Or Sean Penn as Basil Rathbone?

WV: noses


ilduce said...

LOVE the photo of Angela adjusting her crown wile eating a hamburger

MJ said...

My tiara is always in danger of toppling into my tiramasu.

Douglas McEwan said...

The Rathbone-Lansbury shot is clearly during production of The Court Jester. MUST be posed. I can not imagine them eating in those exquisite costumes without wearing vynal ponchos or something to protect those costumes from spills.