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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just Friends.....?

Joan Crawford and Claudette Colbert enjoy a few days at Claudette's private getaway in Palm Springs.


Rob said...

Heehee Felix, I don't doubt a little "something' mighta happened...well, why not? Don't know much about Colbert but Crawford always seemed like she was up for a good time--hell, rumor has it that she even seduced Rock Hudson (though I doubt it's true)!

Margaret said...

Today, it would be on Twitter, The Gawker, ET, Access, People, etc., etc., and then Joan would sue that it was 'leaked.'

kabuki zero said...

And Felix will soon enjoy a few days at Kabuki's private getaway in Palm Springs. Because you are a Hollywood Star ya know.

normadesmond said...

interesting shot of joan. almost
thought she was connie bennett.