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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Big Five O Oh....A Love Letter.

Yup, about 2 1/2 years later, I arrive at my 500th post! 

In my first post I used a photo of the Warner Bros. first Hollywood studio (not much more than a barn really) and noted that in starting the blog I had no idea where the endeavor would take me.  Well, the coincidence is, the property in that old picture is now a featured stop on my Walking Tour!

I want to thank all you guys.  From the very start you've given me companionship, support, clarity, love and courage.  Courage to follow the dream I am now living!

So without further adieu.....

You may recall a post I did in September of 2010 on the fabulous El Royale apartments, but since you have a life, chances are, you don't.  To refresh your memory it's here.

I'm bringing this up because to celebrate my 500th, I want to turn this post over to YOU!  Recently one of you, a wonderful fellow named James Pappas sent me a message offering to share some pictures of the El Royale with us if I would like.  Would I ever!

James grew up in Hollywood and his dad was a lifeguard at the Ambassador Hotel pool in the '40s and '50s!  Of that star-studded poolside he had particular memories of gangster Johnny Roselli being an almost daily fixture.

As an adult, James lived in the building for many years.

Here are the 4 beautiful shots he sent for us:

From James' email:

"I have had these from my own collection for years. I also have an Architectural Digest with pictures from when George Raft lived in the penthouse. Even Harry Cohn of Columbia Pictures had the other penthouse at one time. They was a bust in the parking garage in the 40’s with some gangsters."

Thank you James.  Thank you readers.  Thank you tour guests.  Now on to the next 500.


Thombeau said...

Congrats on the Felix 500. Love you, love your blog!

normadesmond said...


Margaret said...

Ancient, by Hollywood's standards; but outright babyish in the blogging world!

kabuki zero said...

who knew you had so much to say? this guy

Jon said...

Clink, clink! - a marvellous milestone for a fabulous blog! Jx

Stephen said...

Congrats on 500!
Will you take a shout out from an old, very old, fan?

savannah said...

a little late here, but congratulations, sugarpie!!! posts like this make me miss la. *sigh* xoxoxoxo

MJ said...

Cin cin!