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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Mystery Gets Revealed!!!

Well done my friends!  There were some great guesses, none of them correct of course, but great.  And, no Cookie, it is most assuredly not Jane Withers, because I saw our Janie live and in person a few months back!

About 10 years before the mystery photo was taken our enshrouded guest lived here:

It looks like a lovely home if you don't consider the big sign in the back yard:

But the years, lack of quality work, and addictions had not been kind.  Our photo was snapped waaaay down the hill inside this apartment building:

In this downstairs corner apartment:

Behind this door:

And if this 1956 photo was scary to you, well I think that might have made our mystery guest very happy:

After all, Bela Lugosi had been scaring us since our childhoods.


normadesmond said...

wonder what happened to that portrait on the wall?

Jon said...

Now I just have to go and listen to Bauhaus Bela Lugosi's Dead... Jx

Margaret said...

The famous painting of Bela went to auction in 2004. I am surprised that his son, Bela Jr., did not keep it (he's still alive).

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Poor Bela. And to think - his last movie for was for Ed Wood.

Thombeau said...

Pull the string! Pull the string!

mrpeenee said...

And I overlooked (how?) the porcelain Barbie doll lamp, complete with frilly shade in front of the portrait.