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Friday, December 18, 2009

These Boots Were Made By Jax!

I was just talking to one of my oldest and dearest friends, Bill Leckner. We were speaking of vitally important matters. Matters such as 1960's pop divas with camp appeal. You know, the usual. He began to tell me of a TV special he had seen when he was about 8 or 9 years old that he's never been quite able to shake from his consciousness. It seems to have had something to do with Nancy (boots) Sinatra. As he began to describe some of it to me, he stopped himself and said, "Am I crazy, could I have made this up or did it really happen?" Well thankfully for his sanity, and our delight, a quick bit of research proved him clear of mind.

On a personal note: As a seventeen year old, fresh on the scene and desperately wanting to become a 'dazzling urbanite in the know', I wish to thank Billy for teaching me everything I know.

Feast your eyes.

Another number has Nancy singing (as only a white girl can) Ray Charles' "Tell Me What I Said". The set up has our girl (logically) as a high fashion model on a photo shoot. Her photographer, Bruce, is played by Sammy Davis, Jr. (naturally).

Now, let's talk about the clothes shall we. They were supplied by JAX.
Here is your Jax primer:

Jax fashions were the creation of Jack Hanson, an ex-baseball player for the Los Angeles Angels. With a $500 loan, he set up a shop in Balboa, California. He designed peasant skirts, blouses, and slacks. Hanson couldn't afford any newspaper or mass media ads, so his salesgirls were recruited to model the pants in the store windows! The unique promotion caught on, leading to a second shop in Beverly Hills. It was the success of THIS store that put Jax on the map and brought fame and fortune to Hanson.

During this height of popularity, a chain was started (seven stores), spreading eastward as far as Manhattan by early '64, with new openings planned for Southampton and a Paris location in '65. Rudi Gernreich worked as a designer there until 1964.
By now worth an estimated $4 million dollars, Hanson enjoyed all the trappings of success with a Beverly Hills home and a Rolls-Royce.
His fashions were highly sought after by the famous such as Janet Leigh, Natalie Wood, Joan Collins, and Marilyn Monroe.

You're Welcome.


TJB said...

Nancy was so marvy in the 1960's! Pity she aged like an alcoholic, plastic-surgery-obsessed cougar.

FelixInHollywood said...

For all her dubious 'talents', no one wore eye make any better.

Can you imagine what her father would've looked like, had he lived to see the botox-restyline era!

Donna Lethal said...

If you could time travel to SHOP, can you imagine?

FelixInHollywood said...

Yeah, the camel coat with the fur trim and matching hat for me, please.