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Sunday, December 20, 2009

These Three Kings - A Christmas Carl. Part 3

Today we celebrate Carl Van Vechten, June 17, 1880 – December 21, 1964, on the anniversary of his passing.


Though, in all fairness, I suppose one would have to say bisexual. He was married twice. For 5 years beginning in 1907, he was the husband of Anna Snyder, a childhood friend from Cedar Rapids. Then in 1914 he wed Russian born actress Fania Marinoff. They remained married for 50 years until his death. But a glance at the "self portrait" below, will tell you he wasn't the butchest thing on the planet!

Through all my research there is almost nothing that elaborates on the matter. Most sources simply say, "though married, an open homosexual." or "his personal papers were locked for 25 years following his death but when opened, letters and scrapbooks were found dealing with the matter". I did manage to find out, however, that he sat on the panel of judges for the gala drag balls hosted by the Savoy Ballroom. Now there's a fun job!

But really, the only research needed is ones eyes. When you look at the pictures, no matter their subject (authors, actors, dancers, or boys at the Harlem Public Swimming Pool) It's all there in black and white. And color.
Marlon Brando

Boy at pool






Truman Capote

So today on my official Carl Van Vechten Day we say Thanks! Now go put on a Bessie Smith record and mix up a pitcher of Sidecars!


jason said...

oooh..I'd love a sidecar! :)

FelixInHollywood said...

The only way to greet the morning (afternoon).

Jason-Welcome aboard, I'm so crazy about your blog and look forward to the next "overheard". Merry Christmas, my friend.

normadesmond said...

and now i know a bit about carl van vechten & i thank you! (and i don't know why i've never visited & i apologize).

FelixInHollywood said...

You, Miss Desmond, are worth the wait! Welcome aboard. I always look forward to your comments on other of
'our friends places'. Honored to have you.