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Thursday, May 20, 2010

"...Just This Girl From The Valley."

The above is a quote from a friend of mine, who's career is working on big music tours.  He was describing the over all temperment and easy going attitude of Cher.  Perhaps because of this, he's also told me that she is his absolute favorite of all the artists he's worked with, and he's worked with plenty!

My favorite picture of herself.

"My dear, you have a pointed head! You're absolutely beautiful!"

This quote is from everyone's favorite mad woman, Diana Vreeland.  At a 1967 party for Jackie Kennedy, Vreeland was passing through the bedroom on her way to the loo, when she spotted Cher seated at a vanity, repairing her makeup.  DV, ever the shy one, marched over, slapped the palm of her hand on the top of Cher's head and uttered the above.  Next thing you know - Cher's in Vogue!

Well we started with my favorite picture of our birthday girl, let's end with one of my favorite songs.


MJ said...

So Cher and kabuki zero share the same birthday?

Somehow it all makes sense.

kabuki zero said...

Now I know where all my presents are! Cher's house. Bang Bang - i'll you know what.

Stephen said...

The Way Of Love is my favorite Cher number.