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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

Sada Thompson

Donna Reed

Dee, my mother

Joan Crawford and the Devil Child

Judy and Liza

How ever it worked out for you, channel your inner Liza and enjoy a fond remembrance of "Momma" today!


kabuki zero said...

ialways think of you as AN OLDER SISTER, PERHAPS EVEN as a mother. and a mean one at that. kisses

normadesmond said...

oh, but you put sada!

i don't own many DVDs, but i do own "FAMILY" which i loved, mostly because of dear sada. she was also wonderful in something with richard thomas about aids.

p.s. the first nancy on "FAMILY" wasn't very good, especially when held up to the nasty, self absorbed thing that baxter-birney played.

Rob said...

Hahaha!"...and the Devil Child."
Will you civil-union me?

Stephen said...

Irene Dunne in I Remember Mama.

savannah said...

lovely and delicious, sugar! xoxoxoxo

Tonya said...

Sada Thompson as Kate Lawrence: best TV mom, ever! Sada is so delicious in this role. I'm so impressed you posted her first:)

Miss Janey said...

Miss J's fave is DEE! Except for her own Mama Janey, who she was lucky enough to spend Mother's Day with.

Thombeau said...


Erin O'Riordan said...

To me, Donna Reed will always be Lorene the hooker from 'From Here to Eternity.'