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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Metropolitan Museum Of Goodwill. 5th in a series

I love her.  She came from a National Council of Jewish Women's Thrift Shop about 15 years ago.  It's a beautiful deep blue background and written around our hip little gamine, like a halo, are the kind of doodles and phrases (en francais, naturellement) that you'd find on the notebooks of any girl you went to Junior High with.  Suns, choo-choo trains, male figures with declarations about her love of vacations and someone called Dodo.

A signature in the upper left corner simply says "Angelo '62", which is surprising because I find her to be very modern for 1962.  But she is, after all, French! 

It hangs on the wall across from my bed so she is virtually the first thing I see every morning upon awakening.

click me, mon ami, I will get bigger for you


kabuki zero said...

Your ability to acquire art is legendary. Its like your superpower. Damn fine picture.

normadesmond said...

she had her nosed fixed, i can spot it from here.

jason said...

you sure that doesn't say '92?
I could swear I saw her at a rave once.

MJ said...

click me, mon ami, I will get bigger for you

I bet you say that to ALL the boys.

Jérôme said...

a bit after Juliette Gréco (which explain the nose...)

Stephen said...

She is lovely. You would like thrift shopping in Portland. There are treasures to be found & you have quite the eye.