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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Candid Camera!

There's nothing I like better than a candid picture from Old Hollywood.  So many of the so-called 'candids' are actually posed; they were actors after all.

So I will start an occasional feature with one of my favorites.  If you have any candids that you would like to see featured here email 'em to me!

Bette does her own nails - just like a real person!


Miss Janey said...

All the better to scratch a bitch's eyes out with!

Dusty said...

Who set this up? She's doing her nails with the open bottle of nail polish on the seat beside her.
Lemme' tell you - that's a recipe for disaster.

normadesmond said...

wonder if it's some jungle red that she found in the MGM dumpster. what, you think jack warner would spring for polish?

MJ said...

You'll never find a candid of Mistress MJ in the same position.

I enjoy having others service me.