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Friday, July 30, 2010

Pulling Out The Stops.

This will be the absolute last interruption to our regularly scheduled programming, I promise!

Firstly, my humble thank yous to the people who made use of the donation button yesterday, it will help so much and it just goes to show, as I had always suspected, people are quite wonderful.

As you may or may not be aware, I have an online vintage shop on Etsy.  That's what the 'Vintage Fabulosity' widget is over there on the right.  Or you can access it here.  I'm afraid I've been very lax about maintaining the shop lately.  (having the blues will do that to you.)  So when the fabulous TJB at Stirred Straight Up With A Twist mentioned my shop recently, imagine my shock and horror when I realized that every item posted but one had expired!  I have since reposted the items and listed a few new ones too.

So this morning, with a little donation cash, I decided to go grocery shopping, and, of course the car wouldn't start!  Never one to miss an opportunity, I have reduced everything in my store between 20 and 50 percent.  So why not go shopping!

Once inside Felix In Hollywood's Vintage Fabulosity let one of our pretty and helpful shop girls take care of your needs.

Some of our past sales associates are now loyal, devoted customers!

So why not drop in today for a pleasant browsing experience.


MJ said...

Do you have anything in Jungle Red?

Mean Dirty Pirate said...

Once they legalize gay marriage I plan to become a gay gold digger. Do you have any insurance policies that feature double indemnity clauses?