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Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm With Blanche!

Sometimes 'I don't want reality, I want magic'.  For example:

When I first saw the picture below, my initial thought was, "How nice that Glenn has such a pretty mother."

When I finally realized that it is of course, his wife Eleanor Powell, I kinda gasped.  Out loud.  Now I never thought of her as a big, sexy glamour puss.  But when ever I think of
Powell, I think of a gal covered with everything MGM could throw at her:

Of course that top picture isn't really fair.  Glenn's hair is tousled, making him look younger, and the style of her dress is rather matronly.  Not to mention the fact that the fabric ( a knit boucle?) is adding a few pounds.

"Well anyway," I thought, "no matter what a few years and childbirth did to her, there never was a  caucasian that could touch her when it came to tap."  Even Fred Astaire thought so.

Then, as if the interweb gods were trying to calm my frayed nerves I found this:

And that's more like it!


normadesmond said...

yikes, eve arden with a bad perm in that top photo.

kabuki zero said...

you've become obsessed with dancing. what's next - ginger chu in a dragon costume? i am on pins and needles. this is going to get good, isn't it?

ayeM8y said...

Glenn Ford was so dreamy. Nice gams in the last shot.