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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Mystery Gets Revealed!

There! You see!  You see what I mean!  I should just really get out of this mystery business once and for all.

On the 3rd at 6:56 am I posted this mystery photo:

At 6:59, exactly 3 minutes later (do you people lie in wait or something?) that Mean- Dirty-Pirate, AyeM8y guess correctly when he said Gene Tierney.  Of course then he cleverly (and pirates are clever, make no mistake) tried to throw everyone off track by saying that Tierney, as a guess, would be too easy.  Well his ruse worked.  Until it didn't.  At 4:21 pm on the 5th, Jon chimed in and agreed.

First of all let me just say, easy my ass!  I stared at that picture for twenty minutes before I finally saw Tierney in it.  This is the Gene Tierney I know:

You know, the girl whose beauty is so interplanetary that it's almost disturbing.  It took me forever to find her in that fresh faced, pretty little thing above.  I suppose if there's a lesson here it's this:  For those of you who think that all of the hard work we do over at the Hair Hall Of Fame is frivolous, I have just four words for you - HAIR AND MAKE UP!!!!

That said, the only thing left, is to proclaim the Pirate today's Smartest Boy In The Class.


normadesmond said...

i'm gonna cut him up after class.

ayeM8y said...

Yay ME!

You know I sent you an email suggesting that I really thought it was Donna Reed playing an un-PC Indian squaw.

But I saw Gene Tierney first because after all I Am Gene Tierney.

Don't let me take a swim with your handicapped little brother...

ayeM8y said...

Oh and to answer your question I don't lie in wait I use Google reader.

Miss Janey said...

Miss J wouldn't have guessed correctly from the first pic...

kabuki zero said...

i thought it was felix in a sadder moment. Gene Tierney sounds like an off-the-books roofing contractor.