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Monday, July 18, 2011

Where Have I Been All Of It's Life!

I just stumbled upon a blog that, if you don't already know about, you've Got to know about!

It is:

For non-Angelenos, Hancock Park is one of the original hoity-toity areas of the city.  A neighborhood that was established (and restricted) before the advent of Beverly Hills.  Some say that HP's reticence toward Jews and Show People is what helped get Beverly Hills going.  It's a stately, tree lined, district that has managed, for the most part, to escape McMansionism.

The blog is written by "Woody", a chap who gladly gives credit where it's due, but will also cut a bitch (or house) without reserve or delay.

I've been going through the archives and cackling all the way.

I've seen coverage on the former home of Mr. Blackwell:
As well as a couple of different posts on the notorious home of Norwood Young known in these parts simply as, "The David House":

If you visit L.A. my tour and this house are really the only things that should be on the top of you list.

So if you like to look at beautiful homes (and travesties) and enjoy reading snappy critique, hop on over there.


Jon said...

Apparently the "David House" is currently on the market - a snip at $2,400,000! Jx

The Devoted Classicist said...

The David House is a hoot decorated for Christmas. But I am glad I don't live across the street!

normadesmond said...

thanks for the tip doll!

(bet mr.blackwell said that at least once in his life).

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Love the HP site. It lead me to a wonderful site on Berkley Square. Beautiful. Tragic. But it also helped me to understand why Western Avenue's historic residence district slipped into the toilet.

savannah said...

LOL! i'm so going to check that blog out! i swear, sugar, i knew so mny divorcees back in the day who were house poor, but still lived in hancock park! xoxo