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Sunday, July 31, 2011

I've Been Advocated!!!

What a lovely thing it was to wake up yesterday and discover that the online version of an interview I did in Advocate magazine is out! (to coin a phrase)

The magnificently gifted writer Christopher Harrity reviews my tour and then we cozy up for a little Q & A.  It's great fun and I hope you'll all read it.  After which, doubtless you'll be planning your trip to Hollywood to take the tour for your self!

There are several photos from the Felix In Hollywood Facebook Page in the article including a snappy little photo of yours truly the was shot by the ever-elegant George Snyder, novelist extraodinaire.

Simply click the Advocate logo below and dazzle your selves:

Myself.  (as captured by George Snyder)


Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Woot Woot! And I adore the picture!

Theaterdog said...

WOW I get to be the second to say, GREAT. Mr.Harrity said it all better than can I.
Congrats, may the gods bring me to LA
Have a great day and thank you so much.

paul said...

Love the photo and the Van Johnson red socks.

GlenH said...

The "Golden Age Of Hollywood" outfit suits you. Congratulations!

Debs said...

Truly great! I rememebr when you e-mailed me that you had a new project. And now you are a STAR!!!! I plant to bring my hubbie to LA to tkae the tour!

Poseidon3 said...

How wonderful! Many congratulations and best wishes for future success.