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Thursday, April 29, 2010

From The Schenectady Gazette

Thursday, June 10, 1971

Palmist Makes Hit At Zsa Zsa's Party
by Vernon Scott
Hollywood (UPI) - Zsa Zsa Gabor gave a small party the other night which was different from most such intimate dinners in that a motion picture wasn't shown after dessert and brandy.

Zsa Zsa does live in Bel Air.  And the Bel Air circuit is that group of home projection rooms where Hollywood's elite see movies before critics, sneak previews or general release.  Oftentimes guests doze off during the screening.  Just as often the guests have seen one another at several parties during the same week.
The trick of the successful hostess is no longer assembling a guest list, or finding a film to keep people awake.  Conversation won't do it, because how many times can Anthony Quinn, Kirk Douglas, Steve Allen, Johnathan Winters, Jack Carter et al exchange amenities?  Parlor games and card tricks are out.  Orgies were never really in.  Viands, comestibles and potables vary only so much - though Zsa Zsa's hungarian dishes rate four stars.  Most Hollywoodians are on diets anyway.

The answer is the occult, the psychic and astrology.  Show folk are notoriously superstitious and dote on mystics, gurus, seers, fortune tellers and others of the ilk.  "Dollink," Zsa Zsa told her guests, "you must meet Sidney.  He is the best palm reader in the world."   The term "palm reader" was electrifying.  Had Zsa Zsa announced she was screening "The Last Supper" with the original cast her guests could not have reacted more favorably.  The party was an immediate success.  Palm reader Sidney Rushakoff, who claims to be part gypsy, is either one of  the most amazing palm readers or psychics in the western hemisphere or a walking research computer.  He recounted long forgotten personal secrets and facts about the guests.  He told them what vitamins they should take and what the future boded.

"He's very accurate,"  Zsa Zsa assured everyone.   Rushakoff said he received electric vibrations from Tony Quinn's powerful hands.  The big actor appeared skeptical but listened intently to the palm readers predictions. 

On of the ladies blushed at something Rushakoff noted and quickly assured him it would remain their little secret.  Doubters became believers and Zsa Zsa's party was a rousing success.  Only one thing, Zsa Zsa should have had her palm read before her guests arrived.  Perhaps Rushakoff could have warned her that the buffet table supporting the goulash would collapse, necessitating a delay while a new batch of the Hungarian specialty was prepared.


normadesmond said...


(that's why i write in lower case, makes the caps all the more special)

as for the goulash crushing the table, no doubt zsa ran into the kitchen and instructed the "chef" to open a dozen cans of chef boy-ar-dee, throw some parsley on it, and make it snappy!

Stephen said...

Zsa Zsa has given us all a lesson in how to throw a party.