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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hollywood, Small Incestuous Town

This Man:

John Ireland

And This Man:

Tommy Noonan

Were Half Brothers!

This Man:

Peter Marshall

And This Woman:

Joanne Dru

Were Brother And Sister!


Tommy Noonan and Peter Marshall were a comedy team in the late 40s to mid 50s:

Noonan & Marshall

John Ireland and Joanne Dru were Husband & Wife from '49 to '57.

Mr. and Mrs. John Ireland

Confused yet?


jason said...

wow. It's almost like that Lincoln Kennedy thing.

MJ said...

Were Liz and Eddie and Debbie involved?

normadesmond said...

very good! now go pitch CSI: felix and get yourself a god damned show!

Miss Janey said...

Who knew? Not Miss J...

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Not confused at all sweetie. In Marion Ohio these people would be complete strangers. In my mothers family, I have a third cousin by blood named Babette (maternal father's side, blood cousins - same 3X great grandfather), however Babette and Share the same Aunt (sister of her mother) and Uncle (brother of my mother), and therefore share the same first cousins. Now those first cousins and Babette are maternal first cousins with one and other, but they are also paternal third cousins.

So this Joanne Dru, John Ireland, Tommy Noonan and Peter Marshal thing is simple!

ayem8y said...

Still confused. Did John Ireland and Peter Marshal ever sleep with one another and is there photographic evidence?

FelixInHollywood said...

I thought you had those pictures, I don't have them anymore.

Labuanbajo said...

I've heard rumors that John Ireland was a "big" star in Hollywood.

Stephen said...

It really is a small town.

Dack Rambo & Dirk Rambo were twins & Stallone made a movie called Rambo. Eerie.

Ann Blth was Dennis Day's siter-in-law. I did a play with Dennis Day's daughter. I did not sleep with John Ireland.