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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Can't Be Duplicated.


No one loves Hollywood more than me, but on this one day of the year, I happily defer to my home city of Washington DC.  Once you've had the experience of sitting on the Capital steps with the National Symphony Orchestra playing music that the fireworks exploding over the Washington Monument have be choreographed to, you know that there are just some things even Hollywood can't top.

I'll be staying in this evening.


Mike, Studio city said...

We live about five blocks from CBS Studio city. We will be on our front lawn watching their fireworks. After that we will go find the cat buried under the bed covers. Yearly tradition.

jason said...

to you too!

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

I loved the Fourth when I lived in DC. What the hell, I loved every day that I lived in DC. It is my Paris!

Anonymous said...

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