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Friday, July 16, 2010

Well Whaddaya Know?

What do these people have in common?*

Bobby Darin

Butterfly McQueen

George Macready

Spring Byington

Walter Pidgeon

* Mere moments after posting, that smart-as-a-whip Hilly Blue answered correctly:  All named above had their bodies donated to medical science!


Hilly Blue said...

I can't believe I actually knew the answer to this. They all donated their bodies to medical science.

jason said...

They're all dead!?

Oh...ok, lemme think....

Miss Janey said...

Miss J would have NEVER gotten this. Good call, Hilly. Blue!

Mike, Studio city said...

Hey Hilly Blue, isn't Wikipedia great? Well that was almost fun.

Hilly Blue said...

Yes, it is. I watched Dead Ringer about a month ago and was looking up the actors on Wikipedia when I came across the entry on George Macready. I remember the day very distinctly, because the exhibit "Bodies: the Exhibition" was also in Atlanta and I was thinking to myself: "What if you left your body to science and it ends up on display like this." That was the same day I visited Wikipedia and saw the article on Macready and thought to myself..."What if that exhibit has any stars in it?" Needless to say, I'm being cremated.