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Thursday, July 29, 2010

So, It's Come To This.

This, dear friends, is the last thing I intended or wanted, but I'm exhausted and out of ideas.  On the right hand column, just above the 'Followers', I have added a 'Donate' button.  (Just typing this makes me queasy) 

Like most of us, I have been greatly affected by the economy.  What it looks like for me is that for the last 18 months, while unsuccessfully searching for alternatives, I have been trying to subsist on a part time job.  Well it's finally catching up to me.  This morning, in a brainstorm, I contacted the Unemployment office to see if I could get an 'under-employed supplement', only to find out that because I gross almost $270 per week, I was ineligible.  Gross, indeed.

I don't know if I'm foolish or wise, but I remain entirely hopeful.  I know things will turn around, and I'M NOT GIVING UP! (I'm told the Universe is receptive to all-caps)  Meantime, if you can spare a few dollars, I'm thankful.  Emarrassed as hell, but thankful.


Anonymous said...

Felix -

It takes massive balls (that's a compliment) and a fair degree of humility and grace to ask for help when you really need it.

I hope the universe (and your readership) hear you.

Never, ever give up.

MJ said...

Could I mix you a pitcher of sangria instead?

Ask the Cool Cookie said...


Anonymous said...

Big balls are both deserving on praise AND support. Here's to you, Ducky Dahling.