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Friday, March 4, 2011

Drop Whatever You're Reading!

As I believe I've mentioned before, when one lives in Hollywood, one tends to make friends and acquaintances with all matter of actors, singers, dancers, writers, directors and the like.  While this certainly lends color to ones circle, there can be a downside as well.

How often have I received an invitation to a screening (or play, or concert or reading) only to be so horrified by what is occurring before me that I miss the last half of it, preoccupied by the thought, 'what do I say when they ask me...'.

Then there is that time of sweet reward when watching (or listening or reading) I'm so dazzled by the product, and the talent behind it, that I can't wait to gush.  Openly.

I have been friends for a number of years with a gentleman (and I do not use the term loosely for he is a real gentleman) by the name of George Snyder.  Perhaps you've come across him too.  He's the author of the blog, "1904: The Year Everything Important Happened".  It's on my blog roll.  I just finished reading George's new book, "On Wings Of Affection" and I'm ready to let the unfettered gushing begin!!!

Wicked, fast and fun are the first words that come to mind.  The world that George creates and populates feels a bit like "Tales Of The City" for the over caffeinated - over stimulated - information super highway speed of post millennium West Hollywood.

Here we follow the adventures of our hero Sam.  Sam is a swirling mass of unfocused brilliance, wit, style, and believe it or not, extreme kindness - often to his own detriment.  While Sam craves a life of order, gentility, manners and another Chinese Chippendale side table, he seems to be an utter magnet for chaos, high maintenance types and drama.  With Sam we meet Didier, a ravishing, sexually irresistible, open-hearted nymph wrapped inside a free spirit and a French accent.  Didier makes friends with men and women alike quite easily.  Some pay him, some keep him for a while (in villas, on yachts), some worship him, all would do just about anything for him.  Then there is Pam (well, Agnes really, but we'll call her Pam) who becomes Sam's charge, in a paid arrangement with her Mother.  Pam is an maddening and adorable 16 year old debutante.  Much too wise and worldly for her years she is also imbued with the occasional 'psychic hit'.   

Needless to say, all manner of hilarity, murder, hijinks, destruction and devastation ensue.  The background personnel is a certain subset of a certain subset of society who have power-played, power-fucked, overdosed and tweeted themselves nearly to death.

I really had a blast with this book, it was one of those that I began to portion out the latter chapters in order to make it last longer.  If it wasn't March and so damned cold outside, I would call it the perfect beach book.  And like "Tales", rumor has it this will be a series of books, so hopefully more Sam/Didier/Pam adventures will follow.

It is available here, for the ridiculously low price of $10.95.  I don't know the prices in your particular area, but I can tell you that you can't even see a movie in L.A. for that price, and currently (don't blink) it will only get you about 2 1/2 gallons of gas.  So the book is a great entertainment value.

I really hope you will buy and read the book.  Then I hope you will buy and gift copies of the book, because when friends are talented, it's a joy to support.


normadesmond said...

you wrote it, so i believe it.

MJ said...

*agrees with Norma*

And Blurb is an excellent choice for self-publishing.

Stephen said...

OK. At your insistance I have ordered it... but, you under my thumb.

FelixInHollywood said...

Surely there must be other things (more beneficial and enjoyable for all concerned) that I could be under.

George W. Tush said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Is it autobiographical?

FelixInHollywood said...

Hey George!

My guess is somewhat, yes. Really glad you liked it.