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Sunday, November 28, 2010

About Those Jewels...

When I said I had written verbiage designed to "throw you off track", this apparently gave Ask The Cool Cookie ideas.  The comment he left scolding Normadesmond was designed to throw you off track.  Very crafty Cookie.  Especially considering that he had already sent me an email containing the correct answer!

No the jewelry in question did not belong to Mr. Sinatra.  Before I hand out the "Smartest Kid In School" award, I have to give an honorable mention as there was a correct guess submitted in the comments section yesterday.  Congrats to Rosalind for guessing...

Johnny Stompanato.

His most famous picture
The thrilling and dangerous affair between Stompanato and Lana Turner ended with his stabbing death in Lana's boudoir.  All these years later, people still wonder if the knife was really wielded Turner's daughter Cheryl Crane (who was convicted) or by Lana herself.

Lana's wrenching and brilliant courtroom performance testimony

In a final twist to the mystery, Cookies correct answer was eclipsed, literally by one minute, by a correct answer email from Jason!

Gold - Jason!
Silver - Cookie!
Bronze - Rosalind!

Johnny in happier times.


jason said...

And, by the way, how chic is it to stab someone in an all white room?

I'm just sayin'

normadesmond said...

very nice!

as for cookie, i've got cheryl tailing him.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Where's that knife! No jury would convict me! I was ROBBED!!!!

normadesmond said...

not convict you? why they'd each
toss a lit match under the kindling.

TJB said...

You know, the majority of it is pure mafioso tack-o-rama, but I would've swiped that watch at the crime scene. Nice.


Spotless crime scene, who cleaned up, Joan Crawford?
X David

kittenlyric said...

Nt only stbbed in an all white room with no blood but no blood on his clothes either..also looks like someone went thru his pockets as well. Wicked clear clean stab wound too.