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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Non-Blonde Ambition

Given the chance, some people will gripe about anything.


normadesmond said...

egads! was this the 50s version of westboro baptist?

FelixInHollywood said...


Doll, if that's the case, bring back the 50s!

Miss Janey said...

Eff all them bitches. RED HEADS rule!

Rob said...

Holy CRAP--this can't be for real, right? If it was staged for publicity, it's still pretty funny...but if it was for real, OMG what a scream! People are insane.
(WV: bendlo---hahaha!)

VP81955 said...

...as the giant Marilyn looks down at them and laughs (well, she would if she were animate). Actually, she'd thank them for being part of Fox's publicity stunt for the film and remind them to pick up their check from the press agent before heading home.