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Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Good Things In Life...

It's such a relief to have Graham Kerr in the kitchen preparing my Thanksgiving feast.

And while he's busy stuffing my bird, drinking all the hooch, making dinner, I thought I take a moment to count my thankful blessings:

* I'm very thankful to all of you who stop by here every day.

* I'm thankful to have my new tour business, which has brought me more happiness than anything I've ever done.  If you haven't been to the website for it yet-do have a look

* Most of all, I'm ever thankful to each host of each blog listed to the right in the "The Ones To Watch" category.  Truth is, I'm madly in love with all of you guys.  All year you have given me nothing but laughs, love, support, enlightenment, education and encouragement.

What a lucky guy I am this Thanksgiving!


jason said...


normadesmond said...

call me a ditto head...but only here.

and lordy, it's been forever since i thought of this queen. yes, i watched, riveted to his every move.

TJB said...

We love you too, dear heart!

Graham Kerr was kinda hot, back in the day. Now he's gone all granola and goofy and low-fat.

Carl said...

Amazing peace of fact to know about the Graham Kerr who in the kitchen preparing my Thanksgiving feast,picture is also good.


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supernana said...

AWwwww! And I must get my little behind on a tour. With Mom coming out in december perhaps we shall arrange a meeting?

FelixInHollywood said...

That would make me so happy!