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Sunday, November 21, 2010

So They Say...

Upon hearing of the death of Calvin Coolidge, Dorothy Parker quipped, "How can they tell?"  To which Robert Benchley replied, "He had an erection."

Robert Benchley passed away on this date in 1945

"Toward the end of her life she looked like a hungry insect magnified a million times."
Quentin Crisp on Joan Crawford

Quentin Crisp died on this date in 1999


normadesmond said...

the day, the bon mots died.

my, doesn't quentin resemble christine jorgenson in this photo.

VP81955 said...

Robert Benchley died the day Goldie Hawn was born. (And no, I'm not saying he was reincarnated in Goldie's body -- don't want to go there.)