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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Quizzical Answer

Paul Williams, Danny Hutton, Stephen Stills, Rodney Bingenheimer, Bryan MacLean, Harry Nilsson and over 400 others unsuccessfully auditioned for The Monkees TV show in 1965.

Ayem8y cleverly couched his correct answer between two incorrect guess to throw me off  no doubt, and to try and keep me from declaring him today's "Smartest Boy In School!"

Now just to keep the madness going:  What role did former Monkees Mickey Dolenz and Mike Nesmith lose after the audition process in 1973?

Class?  Anyone?


Barbara said...


normadesmond said...

travolta in SNF?

(this shit's hard!)

MJ said...

Partridge Family?

ayeM8y said...

The Charles Manson role in Helter Skelter?