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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Let's Get Quizzical

So before we leave the 1960s LA rock scene, I thought I'd pose a little musical mystery tour for ya.

As always, if you know the answer for certain, email it to me.  Otherwise have a go at it in the comments section:

What do the following people have in common besides the 60s Hollywood music scene in general?

Paul Williams
Danny Hutton of Three Dog Night

Stephen Stills of CSNY
Rodney Bingenheimer, KROQ DJ
Bryan MacLean of the band Love
The Legendary Harry Nilsson


ayeM8y said...

I'm guessing they all had something to do with the movie the Phantom of the Paradise?

Maybe the TV show the Monkee's?

I don't know...something with Three Dog Night?

jason said...

They all have the same hairdresser?

mrpeenee said...

Butt plugs.

normadesmond said...

darling, i have no idea.

i did meet paul williams' mother 10,000 years ago when she was a secretary at tandem. if i recall correctly, telling a stranger who her son was was priority #1.

steven stills doesn't seem like a butt plug kinda guy, but what do i know.

EVAinDC said...

A legendary Topanga Canyon circle jerk!