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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

After All, You Were Warned....

You may recall two or three weeks back, I introduced you to my friend Shirley Claire.  I finished that post by saying that you haven't heard the last of Shirley.  Well I finally got around to enlisting the help of a friend (thanks T!) to start assembling some clips from our chat.

In this first one, Shirley talks about her time as an MGM stock contractee.  She was in her early teens at the time, the US had just entered WWII.  Historically speaking it gives us a fresh alternative to the usual "I was put under contract - and became a star" scenario.  Shirley never got to make one movie!  How many hundreds (thousands?) of hopefuls had this story?  Of course, Shirley being Shirley, is not bitter and has nothing but fond memories of it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the magnificent Shirley Claire!


normadesmond said...

she fabulous! more...MORE!

MJ said...


EVAinDC said...

Yes, MORE! As an archivist, I could not be more happy. What an oral history gold mine! I love that she acknowledges all the good that came from her early years at MGM. Such a positive, upbeat soul. It must have been a blast talking with her. Thanks.