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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Those Fabulous Stars Of Black And White - In Color! Pt. 2

Olivia de Havilland hammers out a plan with a sticky wicket.
Rita Hayworth - Red Hair purple flowers.

Maybe in deference to Rita, Lucille Ball's Technicolor Red turns Brunette!

James Stewart - looks like a 'Stewart for Congress' photo.

Little Miss Alice Faye.

A thrilling and spectacular Dorothy Dandridge.


kabuki zero said...

where the hell is fay wray? playing fast and loose with the stars again, aren't you. You just pick and choose, leaving the others crushed beneath your heel. Oh, kabuki thinks you have been in Hollywood too long. You've become a (gasp) director. (sob) it is all so very sad.

normadesmond said...

"i like hollywood, i like alice faye!"

mrpeenee said...

How the hell is the thrilling and spectacular Dorothy Dandirdge standing up? Both of her feet seem to be pointing in at an odd angle. Is she doing the Charleston? Falling over?