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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Reviews Are In....

....And It Looks Like I'm A Hit!!!

Below are some of the reviews I've received on the tour.  They're culled from Yelp, the Goldstar Ticket Service, and emails sent to me directly.  Oh my god, I couldn't do better if I'd written them my self.

"My Family has been is the "biz" for a long time. we all love old hollywood and thought we knew so much information about how hollywood started but after taking the Felix  Hollywood Tour we realized we know only a little! The stories about how this town began are so riveting and exciting I felt like I was back in the 30's at one point!!! I have recommended this tour to all my friends. It's a lot of fun!!!"
-David Deluise
Actor, Director

"We went on this tour last weekend and had a real blast. It's a great mix of old Hollywood trivia and locations with connections to the current. You'll have a small group, so it's VERY easy to interact and ask questions. It was such a good time I'm recommending it to friends and thinking about doing the tour a second time!"
-Helen Simmins-McMillin

"NewsFlash: In Hollywood? Going there? TAKE THIS TOUR/sidestep the traps. My friend Philip will show you the real deal."
-John Wesely Shipp

"We see the buildings, new and old, the cracked sidewalks with the names of long-ago stars beneath our feet.
What lies unseen and unheard are the stories that happened in old Hollywood. That mute testimony comes to life in Philip Mershon's engaging, well-researched 90 minute walking tour of the heart of old Hollywood. He takes us from the very beginnings of Tinseltown, through its heyday in the 30's to 50's, and to its modern incarnations of skyscrapers juxtaposed with the less-than-glamorous. Highly recommended, especially for locals who want to learn some history beyond the Gray Line tours."
Los Alamitos, CA

"What a great experience! As a Native Angeleno who grew up in Hollywood I remember many of the places on the tour. What I did not know was the history behind the buildings, and the people who created "the industry." Phillip provided a real master class that was informative, interesting and (like its topic), entertaining. Great for residents and tourists alike."

"The best tour of Hollywood I've ever had!"
-Carol Arthur Deluise
Actress and wife of the late, great Dom Deluise

"Driving in this area will never be the same.  I'll now be thinking about the rich history and fascinating stories that made Hollywood the entertainment capitol of the world."
-Travis Quentin Young
Actor, Los Angeles

"This tour was great! The pace was relaxed, and Philip is very knowlegable about true Hollywood history. I learned a lot about the history of the entertainment industry, and had fun doing it!"
-Jym 'Wizard' DeNatale
Retired Stuntman

"Having attended Hollywood High school and after living and working in film and tv for the last 20 years, I thought I knew all the histories of my town.  I was wrong. Philip's tour is exciting and informative.  The route is rich with stories and Philip is the right guy to tell them.  I will never look at my home town the same again!"
-Charlie Nicholson 
Set  Decorator

As you can imagine, I'm a little bit over the moon these days and wish to thank you guys for seeing me through from the very beginning.
Happy Daylight Savings everybody. 
Ooops, almost forgot - we need a picture!  How 'bout this:

Between takes on "The Yank At Oxford" Robert Taylor is all wet.  Yes he is!



TJB said...

How absolutely marvelous!!! (And you deserve every single one of those accolades.)

Oh, and not to take the focus away from where it belongs (on your pretty head), but I wouldn't mind having John Wesley-Shipp show me his real deal. Just sayin'.

jason said...

very cool!!!!!!!!!!

normadesmond said...


Jon said...

Brilliant reviews! Congratulations, Jx

designing wally said...

How wonderful for you!
Being able to do something you love and be successful with it is just THE BEST!

Pssst, Love Robert when he's all wet...

Margaret said...

Phillip, Your hard work has paid off, congratulations! For us Easterners, is there a possibility of a video of your tour?

savannah said...

YIPPIEEEEEE! really happy for you, darling! xoxoxox

Billy D said...

your close friend John Wesley Shipp???? Grrrrrllll

EVAin DC said...

Well done and so richly deserved!