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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gordon's (Gin) Logic

Sheila and Gordon MacRae

"My marriage to Sheila began to end when she wouldn't accommodate my drinking and began concentrating on her own career.  I think the wife I should have had would be a stay-at-home alcoholic.  Someone like Dixie Lee, who was married to Bing Crosby. I'd have been kinder to her than Crosby was, and she'd have been more sympathetic to me." 
- Gordon MacRae

Bing and Dixie Lee Crosby


mrpeenee said...

Well, that's certainly clear-eyed and balanced.

Peeper Beeper said...

Of Liz and Monty a quote from the last line of "The Secret Ceremony"

" There were two mice fell in a bucket of milk, one yelled for help and drowned, the other kept pedaling around until, in the morning, he found himself on top of butter. "

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

I dispise Bing Crosby for what he did to Dixie and the boys. What a son of a bitch.

normadesmond said...

"a stay at-home alcoholic"

what a sensible chap he was.