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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Sweet Sequestered Days

Looking at this picture of the great Jerome Kern and the irresistible Jean Harlow on the set of "Reckless", my first thought is of the Kern standard "Yesterdays".  It's words seem a perfect fit for "The Baby" in this, her centenary year.

These are the wistful Otto Harbach lyrics:

Days I knew as happy sweet
Sequestered days
Olden days
Golden days
Days of mad romance and love
Then gay youth was mine
And truth was mine
Joyous free and flaming life
Forsooth was mine
Sad am I
Glad am I
For today I'm dreaming of
Of yesterdays

The only version of this song for me is by Billie Holiday.  Lady Day herself called this her favorite song.  Enjoy

Yesterdays - Billie Holiday by felixinhollywood


Stephen said...

I am crazy for Jerome Kern & YESTERDAYS is a very sophisticated song for its time, don't you think?


Your Billie choice is superb, but I also offer Marianne Faithful's 1987 album Fair Weather.

normadesmond said...

never heard this version. i knew it via streisand, but as always, billie is perfect. BTW, my most favorite holiday tune is mercer's, "I thought about you." i can't even listen to it i love it so much.

and ms. faithful singing about yesterdays? isn't that why life allowed her to survive?