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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Can You Solve The Mystery? Please?

As I suspect you already know, Felix In Hollywood is also the name of my vintage shop.
So I found this really great necklace that I want to put in the shop,

but I'll be damned if I can decipher what the symbol or insignia is on the medallions.
Go ahead and click me, I'll be happy to get really big!

I'm sorry that my camera isn't so hot on detail, but see what you can make of it. I was beginning to think it was from some secret society or something, but I took it to my friendly neighborhood jeweler today and he's convinced it's a signature. Great. Who's?

It's a pretty fabulous piece. It's heavy and it's solid sterling with gold and black enamel overlay on the medallions. I'm excited to include it in the shop but I'd love to have more clarification, so that I don't have to list it as the "Mystery Necklace"!
Put on your thinking caps kids.


jason said...
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jason said...

I'm not sure, but it looks like Suleiman the Magnificent's signature?

mrpeenee said...

I think it's a quarter past April Ames.

Seriously though, what kind of signature could have three such precisely placed strokes as those vertical ones?

FelixInHollywood said...

OMG!! Jason you've done it!!! Just saw the "Tughra of Suleiman" and it's spot on.

I hail thee, Jason The Magnificent.

TJB said...

"I hail thee, Jason The Magnificent."

Bitch, if you think I'm Carrie PreCum and stepping down from my title so soon...!

MJ said...

When are you going to show us your pearl necklace?

normadesmond said...

oh please, it's one of joan rivers. that squiggle? it's a dead bee.

FelixInHollywood said...

Ok, I've just about had it with you kids' bickering.

TJB - Mommy loves ALL her children.

MJ - FOCUS, young lady! No one said anything about pearls.

Norma - Well perhaps the 10th and longest reigning Grand Sultan of the Ottoman Empire fancied dead bees and fashioned his signature after one. While I have no doubt that Joan Rivers was present in the 16th century, this is not her work. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Tughra_of_Suleiman_I_the_Magnificent.svg

Jason and Peenee - Thank you for being Mommy's little grownups today.

Now, I have to go tease and spray my hair for work.

kabuki zero said...

The ring of houses with the indescipherable scratchings in the middle give it away. It is from the HOUSE OF SATAN. If you watch 'rosemary's baby' you will see it on ruth gordon. Keep in in a dish of salt under a pyramid. kabuki avoids such demonic finery, as kabuki is already bad to the bone. kabuki zero