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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jaynie's Big Pink.....Palace.

Let's all tag along with those pesky photographers as Jayne Mansfield takes us on a tour of her house! 
Though typically shy, she's letting the cameras in just this once.  As she recently noted, “Publicity has always come to me. I haven’t gone to it, but I’ve been cooperative.”  What a trouper!

No uniformed maid or butler for our Jaynie, she answers the door herself (she's so regular) and, if you can believe it, apologizes for her apeance!  She said she had just gotten home herself, from a full day of PTA meetings and her volunteer work.  She excused herself to freshen up as the lens man snapped her heading up stairs.  She tells us that she finds all those framed magazine covers of her terribly embarrassing and asks us to make our selves at home.  It wasn't until I saw the photo some weeks later that I realized just what an incredible Actress she is.  To look at her you'd think she actually likes those pictures going up the stairs.  Boy, what a talent.

We had no sooner settled in the tasteful living room when, Surprise!  Jaynie appears on the vestibule looking just swell.  It was then that I saw, first hand, that even picking up chihuahua doo-doo can be glamorous if you dress for it!

It's a lucky gal that gets a handsome guy, and Jaynie's shining knight is a Mr. Mickey Hargitay.  He is a foreigner and rather difficult to understand, but he's very nice and very devoted to little Jayne.  Here they are in the 'office' sharing the kind of domestic monthly chore we all face:  paying the household bills.  I guess it's not all glamor all the time!

After such a long and busy day, nothing relaxes and refreshes a girl like a long, hot bath.  Finally, with all the days responsibilities finished, it time for a little girl talk.  Gotta get caught up on the latest gossip, right Jaynie?


kabuki zero said...

I would kill her decorator, but that obviously is the work of the undead. You can always tell a zombie decorator's work - its just too much! Like Ms. Mansfield herself.

jason said...

I want his Mickey's office.
Chic...and easy clean up! Unlike that terrifying bathroom.

Donna Lethal said...

You gotta see Mickey's BLACK AND GOLD bathroom! It's fitting for Mr. Universe. God, I love that purple living room, but I really wonder about the mildewy smell with shag in the bathroom.

It's a shame ... the Pink Palace was razed and the street is now a gated "golf" development.

normadesmond said...

how did she not plunge to her death from that balcony over the piano? wouldn't those tits have acted like two anchors off a ship?

MJ said...

Seeing this inspires me to install padded walls throughout my home.

TJB said...

OK, I actually like the purple sofa, and the cyclamen, teal, emerald and gold pillows. Guess I lost my head!

Stephen said...

& where was little Mariska, at ballet?

FelixInHollywood said...


Brownie Troup

Scary Manilow said...

I thought I was the only one who lined their stairway with self-produced publicity stills!

Katie said...

Oh my gosh! I've only seen the outside pictures of the house, the inside is fantastic! HA

Love your blog! x

Anonymous said...

And, do you remember the album that Bob Dylan's band recorded there!